E-Delivery and Digital Mail Room


Imagine selling colour clicks for 50p..?

PaperlitePost is a simple solution enabling your customers to ‘print’ a document and rather than post it, send it electronically to a web site where the recipient can securely view, edit and download it. The customer saves money, gets confirmation of secure delivery and you don’t lose out on reducing print revenue.

The Fastest Growing Outsourced Services

  • Perfect for Invoices, Statements, Pay Slips, Compliance Notices & Marketing

  • More secure than just emailing an invoice and with evidence that the customer has received it

  • Reduce payment delays by removing excuses for not receiving invoices or needing a copy, just click on a link

  • Your customers are moving to e-delivery, this will reduce their print volume

  • Offering e-delivery will enable you to continue to generate annuity revenue

  • Paperlite office can provide you with a ‘pay per click’ e-delivery solution, branded in your corporate style

  • All without investment in infrastructure, applications or support resources

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If you want to see more about Paperlite Post services, please visit the website www.paperlitepost.co.uk