Our professional team of qualified and experienced outsourcing professionals have each spent at least 25 years in the document management outsourcing space in operational, solution design, commercial and vendor management roles. Qualified as MBAs, CDIA+’s, ECMs’ and ITILS you don’t need anything more…

“The team at Paperlite gave us the credibility and expertise we needed to retain a major customer and extend the services delivered.”
Var Dealership, VAR Dealership
“The Paperlite Office Company enabled us to expand on our service scope without major investment.
Great work by the team!”
FM Company, FM Company



Why Do Your Customers Outsource?

  • Improve company focus on core business
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve quality
  • Access to expertise
  • World class technology
  • To get the competitive edge



What Do You Get Out Of It?

  • Revenue protection – you cannot afford to lose customers
  • Customer lock in – add people and managed services making it harder for customers to move away
  • Ability to compete at higher level with the ‘big players’
  • Ability to compete for larger MPS opportunities
  • Increase service density by offering and end to end document processing solution



Year One- For Less Than £500 A Week

  • Initial set up of your outsourcing business
  • Inclusive professional services and SME days to support your sales   teams in solution design, bid submission and customer presentations.
  • Sales training sessions
  • Paperlite Outsourcing Toolkit
  • Text & Images for your brochure and web site
  • Operations manuals
  • MI reporting templates

Subsequent Years

10 Day Retainer

Ongoing inclusive Professional Services and SME support days, continued Sales Training and organic Growth & Service Density Strategy

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